Honey Hakeem 340GM

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Aasal al Hakim or Hakim Honey comes with added benefits of Ginseng, Propolis and Royal Jelly. It is specially formulated to bring the best high quality engredients together in a single honey that is loaded with goodness. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
"Propolis:  Anti-bacterial properties  Relief from sore throat, cold & flu  Soothes & treats seasonal allergies  Full of anti-oxidants  Anti-inflammatory properties " "Royal Jelly:  Aids in regulating cholesterol levels  Rich in anti-oxidants  Boosts immune system  Enhances mental clarity  Boosts skin healing  Loaded with vitamins  Anti-inflammatory properties  Improves brain health  Improves skin health " "Ginseng:  Energy booster  Strengthens immune system  Detoxifies the body  Improves blood circulation  Improves skin health  Increases vitality  Anti-aging properties  Improves mental health  Improves endurance "

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