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Cinnamon Honey Spoon

100% Natural | ✔️Mess-Free ✔️Healthy Sweetening Alternative ✔️Promotes Immunity & Healing ✔️ Helps Against Cold & Flu Symptoms | 💯 Easy to use 💯 Convenient to Carry On-The-Go 💯 Hygiene-Friendly Individually Packed Honey Spoons
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 An innovative sweetener in a spoon, with the recommended quantity for sweetening making it a healthy alternative to sugar. 

In 12 Delicious Flavours!

Kalonji - An antioxidant power blend

A powerful combo of ✔️Antioxidants, ✔️ antibacterial, and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, reduces cell damage that destroys free radicals, promotes digestive well-being, heals wounds, and infections enhancing immunity.


Cinnamon - Regulates blood sugar levels

With ✔️ antioxidant and ✔️ antimicrobial properties, it aids in wound healing, promoting weight loss and a stronger immune system, helping to lower cholesterol levels, and the risk of heart diseases.

Ginger - Boosts immune system

Naturally ✔️ soothing with ✔️ antibacterial and ✔️ antiviral properties, helps in flushing out toxins, improving digestion and helps prevent infections.

Royal Jelly - Rich source of vitamins

Highly nutritious with ✔️ antioxidant, ✔️ antibacterial, and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, and is packed with health benefits. It increases resistance to fatigue, eases PMS and supports wound healing.

Turmeric - Boosts immunity system

Powerful ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties and ✔️ rich in antioxidants make it great for the skin, healing wounds, curing allergies, and easing cough and cold.

Propolis - Fights against bacteria

Full of ✔️ antioxidants, helpful in healing wound, relieving sore throat, cold and flu, soothes and treats seasonal allergies due to its ✔️ antifungal, ✔️ antimicrobial and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties making it helpful in wound healing,

Saffron - Promotes overall well-being

With strong ✔️ antioxidant and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, it is used to rejuvenate and stimulate blood circulation, and as a nervine sedative to calm nerves.

Hakim - A physician of all remedies

Densely packed with ✔️ nutrient-rich Ginseng, Propolis and, Royal Jelly, Asal al Hakim restores and enhances general well-being, loaded with ✔️ antioxidants, vitamins, and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties to increase wound healing and improve mental health and vitality.

Ginseng - Energy and immune system booster

Nutrient-rich and an excellent source of ✔️ antioxidants and ✔️ anti-inflammatory properties, it may regulate blood sugar levels, enhance brain function and fight fatigue. Also good for digestive health as well as vitality.

Sidr - Maintains gut and treats infections

Organic, pure and raw honey harvested from the Sidr trees, strengthens the immune system, improving vitality, treats digestive and liver ailments.

Pure Honey - A phytonutrient powerhouse

A good source of ✔️ antioxidants with ✔️ antibacterial and ✔️ antifungal properties that can help maintain blood sugar levels, improving cholesterol, digestive issues and heals wounds.

new ! Licorice - Eases Digestion, Cough and Sore Throat

Licorice is naturally sweet and supports healthy body functions. It is helpful in easing sore throat and cough, preventing phlegm, and stimulating digestion.

▪️ 10 Honey Spoons in a Jar

Suggested Usage:
▪️ Open the covering, and consume from the spoon by itself or sweeten tea.
▪️ Can be had with warm water in the morning to aid metabolism & weight loss. 
▪️ Can be topically applied to help treat wounds, cuts & burns. 
▪️ Works as a beauty fix - Spot on a pimple or as a mask on full-face to add natural glow.

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